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Online Lottery

Instead of standing in line at your local store you can join hundreds of others and play the online lottery from the convenience of your own home. There are many sites to play online at and you do not even need to put your shoes on to do it. Each site is unique but has the similar out come of winning or losing by the choice of the numbers you picked compared to the numbers they draw.

The odds of winning in any lottery are based on the amount of people who play it and how many numbers are generated. The chances that someone will pick all of the correct numbers in any lottery are very slim. Since the price of most lottery tickets is low more people will want to try their luck at it.
Prizes offered for playing online lottery differ as greatly as the sites themselves do. In some cases you can win things such as gift cards and/or products and in others it will be cash.

Some websites do charge money to play their lottery while others offer it free. The free lottery sites get revenue from the ads that they post for a variety of different businesses.

Online lottery sites grew big around the same time that the internet did in the 1990's and has been growing more popular since. There are websites for state lotteries as well as sites for individual lotteries with more being added every day.

There have been many court cases brought about that question the legality of online lottery websites. To this day there are certain areas of the United States that it is illegal to play or cash in on internet gambling and the internet lottery. In most cases a person needs to 18 years of age to play the lottery.